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CubeRealm: Heroes of Ore & Lore is an RPG style Minecraft Community. At our core we remain true to Minecraft and it’s standard survival gameplay. Our world however, is filled with quests, lore, dungeons, and factions all of which are created by the community.

Our goal is to create a world that feels more like a bustling RPG and less like an empty sandbox. While you can still go mining and surviving out in the wild, you can also go on an adventure by undertaking a quest or maybe just join part in the community by setting up shop in one of our various towns.

 Here are some of the things we have incorporated that we believe enhance the vanilla experience:

  • Economy: Most server economies are command based. We believe inputting commands breaks immersion and detracts from the RPG experience. We use the shopkeepers plugin. Centered around having a villager as your shopkeeper, the interface is exactly the same as NPC villager shops, but... the inventory is set by the player. This plugin blends seamlessly into the world allowing players to trade while offline.
  • Towns: We don't use towny or any other border setting plugins (with the exception of the world border). Instead we're taking a different approach to building, the creator of the town gets to set the rules for his town. These town rules are then enforced by the server’s Knights (Admins).
    Don't like a town's rules? find a town that suits you, start your own, or build in the wild.

  • Factions: Faction plugins are bulky so we have decided against them. Instead factions are created through verbal agreements.
    Made some friends on the server and now you want to play together? Start a faction!
    To have your faction officially recognized by the server you must complete our End dungeon and claim a dragon egg. Recognized Factions are given perks such as an exclusive set of gear in the faction’s colors.

  • PvP: We’re still writing the rules of engagement between factions... Apart from factions, PvP in CubeRealm is confined to the Anarchy dimension, Arena Battles and Townships that explicitly allow PvP within their borders.

  • Quests: Throughout the world you can find a multitude of quests. Quests are handled in a similar style to that of Morrowind. We guide players to quest locations through hints in books. There are countless quests of all forms; Group quests, daily quests, dungeons, and questlines (with multiple quests.) New quests are being added constantly.
    Feel like there aren’t enough quests? Create your own! We’re happy to help!

  • Events: There are a wide range of server events that are planned and scheduled to give players extra activities outside of the norm. Some are open to everyone others are restricted to factions.
    These are just some of the events we host: Spleef Tournaments, Pig Races, Archery Tournaments & more!

  • Lore: The server has an ever expanding lore; The origins of the world, prophecies of dragons, fallen empires… Even factions write their own origin stories. While we have set the foundations... it is the players that are bringing the world of cubus to life

Server Info:

  • Server Hardware: Digital Ocean OpenVZ VPS, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD

  • Plugins: [Shopkeepers] [WorldEdit] [WorldBorder] [MultiVerse2] [CoreProtect][TreasureChest][Itemizer]

  • Knights of the Realm(Admins):

    King Bloop

    Founder of CubeRealm

    An autonomous robot from ancient times, he was discovered buried deep inside Haven Tree.
    Ser DCMT

    Admin of the System

    A Descendant of the Ancient Knights, He rules over the land of COAH.
    Ser HohenHeizen

    Admin of the People

    A Descendant of the Ancient Knights, He is the leader of the Timber Faction.
    Ser Killimus

    Admin of Events

    A Descendant of the Ancient Knights, Creator of the sport KOTI
    Ser Anthonicity

    Admin of the Quests

    The Newest Knight of the Realm, He runs the Explorer's Coalition

Who we’re looking for:

  • Great Architects who want to leave their mark through building.

  • Dungeon Masters wanting to create intricate labyrinths and unique quests.

  • Wordsmiths who want to literally write the history books.

  • Champions who want to conquer all the adventures Cuberealm has to offer.

  • All around friendly folk that can show us something new

Want to help out?

Although our server is a labor of love, we appreciate all donations. Donations help us continue to improve this server and make it better for you.

Thank you for your support!

-The Haven Knights
CubeRealm Guidebook

by Haven Knights

CubeRealm's General Rules.(Book Available In Game)
  • Upon joining the server please familiarize yourself with our guidebooks. They cover various subjects like the anarchy and how questing works.

  • General Rules:
    • Respect your peers.
    • No Cheating, Duping or Exploits
    • No Mob Grinders of any sort (This is considered an exploit)
    • No Unwanted PVP outside of the Anarchy World
    • No Griefing
    • No Spam
    Build Rules:
    • The Owner/Creator of a town can set the all the rules for his/her town.
    • When settling outside of a town build please at least 150 blocks from your nearest neighbor. (Unless you’ve spoken with them)
    • Keep the world clean, this means NO: Floating trees | Shorelines Stripped of sand | Messy water from excavations | Dirt Pillars
    • We are RPG themed, Please keep construction related to generic RPG styles.
    • No Modern Builds.
    • No Pixel Art. (For Details on what Pixel Art is, please visit this reddit thread )

    We’re very serious about keeping our world beautiful and we hope you agree. Consequences are handed out as our Knights see fit.

    Head of Hauntzilla

    Banned 2-25-2014

    Reapplied under new name (Originally yogithedead), continued to cheat with hacked client.
    Head of yogithedead

    Banned 2-22-2014

    Banned for hacked client (Fly Hacks, X-Ray) & player theft.
    Head of jorg30

    Banned 6-17-2013

    Banned for Griefing.
    Head of ninjafloss

    Banned 6-17-2013

    Banned for Griefing.
    Head of ravenwing724

    Banned 2-03-2013

    Banned for griefing directly infront of an admin.

    RPG Pack is the official resource pack for the CubeRealm Minecraft Server. It is a 32x32 Texture pack that has its roots in the rpg maker textures. The goal of RPG Pack is to help enhace the RPG feeling of the world while still remaining true to traditional Minecraft. We try our best to stick to Minecraft’s color shades and block patterns only straying when necessary. This ensures that creations that look good in vanilla also look good in RPG Pack and vice versa.

    While RPG Pack was built for the CubeRealm server, it is not required. If you’re not a member, our resource pack is still free and available for all.

    Feel free to modify this pack for your use and change it as you see fit. Please DON’T reupload this texture pack elsewhere, instead link back to this page for download.

    RPG Pack is unfinished and progress is slow, please check back for regular updates!

    We’re currently working on the following:

    • Inventory, Anvil & Villager Interfaces
    • Armor Textures
    • Stained Glass Textures

    Although RPG Pack is provided free of cost, We appreciate any donations to help us continue creating textures and running our server.

    Thank you for your support!

    -The Haven Knights